CBD for athletes is exploding! Why? Because it has been proven that CBD flower hemp curb pain, improve sleep cycles, and promote faster healing in the world of sport.

So Who Uses Sporting CBD?

The body has built-in natural defense mechanisms designed to prevent damage and harm from it; aches and pains are some of these early warning signs.

Professional athletes walk a fine line between mild exertion and a debilitating injury. They know if they have reached a maximum limit and just need a break or if they have strained and caused serious damage.

In any case, athletes are focused on body and performance and fitness is a top priority for success. Likewise, recovery from any injuries is also an important factor. Here’s the kicker, CBD is becoming more and more reliable to serve both sides, on the performance side and on the recovery side.

Can CBD Oil for Athletes Help?

Athletes seem to accept that pain is normal, but is it necessary? During training, it is common for athletes to be pushed, by themselves or by professional coaches. Pushed to go a little faster, longer, higher, harder and that’s how they improve and break records. But all this also affects the body.

Such inconveniences seem inevitable in the sports world where performance is everything. But inevitable is not enviable and it is not fun at all to show up on the track or field for more physical exertion when the body is already struggling or suffering. Furthermore, no one can give the best of himself if he is injured.

Although muscle pain usually only lasts a couple of days, it can take longer for tensions or damage to muscles and joints to heal. Usually, an athlete will go on regardless because there is often no opportunity to rest or heal. Sometimes it is intentional and for fear of substitution, particularly in high profile sports like the Premier League.

Athletes are always looking for ways to train harder without risking their own game. This is where CBD hemp for athletes comes into play.

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CBD Oils – The First Runner

According to a ruling by the World Anti-Doping Agency {WADA}, CBD products have now been removed from the list of prohibited substances. In addition, other large government sports authorities are also reviewing the law on cannabis and CBD byproducts. This leaves the way open for professional athletes to use CBD without fear of a comeback, and the results to date are extremely positive and encouraging.

Most athletes or physically active people choose to use CBD hemp products after an intense workout or to treat an injury. While other research findings are eagerly awaited in sports arenas, the signs are looking good for now and we can only wait for the scientific sectors to give their official stamp of approval.

It depends on what CBD is used for and what the goals of its use are. All CBD products contain other elements, come in various forms and are used differently, and some CBD products take longer to work than others. So what’s available and what’s the best CBD product for athletes?

CBD – The Vast and The Full

All full spectrum CBD bud products contain varying amounts of THC but for legal reasons, there is not enough THC content in any CBD product currently on the market to “get you high”. But because THC offers several benefits that CBD does not, for this reason, it is the preferred choice for many. However, as THC is currently still a controlled substance in the UK and most of the world, it is banned for now.

In Europe, recent rulings by the EU High Court and the Judicial Review in the three-year Charles Hughes case, all in relation to the permitted use of CBD, are indicative of the changes that must take place. Until then, THC-containing CBD products should not be used by professional athletes or where drug testing is mandatory in the UK. On the other hand, THC-free products are the recommended products.