RC SportMax V-MAX wheels

Now there is an affordable choice for wider wheels for the V-MAX, in a choice of 16, 17, and 18", with a wide variety of styles, to make your MAX STAND OUT in a crowd!!!

Just add brake side seal, brake rotor, and cushdrive from your old wheel, mount tire, and bolt on!!!).

Question: "Why do you recommend 18" Wheels over the 17"?

Answer: It kills the final drive ratio, (5000 RPM at 70 MPH is just CRAZY,) like running in 3rd gear...
I like 4000 RPM at 70 MPH with 18s and an RS-MAX rear MUCH better, and when the speeds go WAAAY up,
I am smiling in the helmet as I drive right around the guy with 17s...).
17's also require a HUGE fender spacer and new speedo gear up front,
without the spacer the front just looks goofy like a 'space-saver' tire/rim on a VMAX,
18s leave more wheel design to see past the rotors...IMO.

A MAX is a big bike, and needs a big tire/wheel combo to match.

A common fallacy
(promoted by people who spend more time riding their computer than their MAX...)
is that 18" tires are hard to come by.
Metzeler, Avon, and Dunlop all make VERY good tires for front and rear,
and with the V-Rod using an 18" rear, they will be making 18" tires for YEARS to come.


Looking for a wheel to compliment your stock 18" front, to let you run those sweet sport radials with their GREAT handling and look, WITHOUT having to buy 2 new wheels? MaxSport wheels are here!!! The new design closely matches the stock VMAX front (much BETTER than the stock rear does...) with a double slotted pattern, for a whole new MAX look and feel, at a fraction of wheel set prices, (and an alternative to a solid rear wheel)!! Available in a forged 18x5.5" size, the MaxSport rear, and the sport rubber it will allow, will take your MAX to levels of handling and feel you could only DREAM of before!!! Take it to the MAX, with a MaxSport rear wheel!
Max Sport Wheel Max Sport Wheel







  Max Sport Wheel  

Rear wheel Kit. These parts are not included with any RC_SportMax wheel, and will be needed for installation).
Kit includes: Delrin cush drive bushings (6), drive side bearing and inner race.

Rear Wheel Installation Kit


*** The WHEEL DEAL ***

* Rear wheels in 5.5 or 5.75" widths, are offset 1/8" to the right, to provide MAX clearance, for MAX rubber!

Stock Wheel Trade-In Credit for straight and clean stock wheel trade-in on SportMax RS wheels:
85-86 fronts-$25.
85 rears-$25.
88up mag-style front-$100.
86up mag-style rear-$50.

*** SportMax pricing does not include shipping and handling. ***