MAX-Venture Rear Gearing

Tired of having to shift to 4th, or even sometimes 3rd, to get the passing power from your 86up Venture? Does 2up, a trailer, sidecar, or just lots of gear, take the 'wind out of the sails', and make U wish for more power?

MAX-VENTURE gears put U back in the 'sweet spot' of the powerband, for MAX efficiency, and better mileage to boot! Make high gear the real TOP gear for your RS/Venture, and no motor mods necessary... (this swap will not void any YAM warranty)

In fact, many MAX-VENTURE users report MORE benefit from the improved gearing, than many of the (usually more expensive) performance mods they had already done!!!

This is a SIMPLE mod (one step past a tire/wheel change) with a BIG benefit!!!

Make the MOST of your Ventures' power, stock or modified, with MAX-VENTURE gears!

Polished or black powdercoated add - $80.00

$300. Max-Venture Rear Gears


*US S&H (ground) - $10


Stateside Shipping:
$25 Ground
$40 Priority Mail (2-3 days)
$60 Overnight

*Avail. outright, with an additional $300. Core charge, completely refundable, when the old rear end is returned in serviceable condition