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VMOA Vendor Appreciation Award Given too BRMSportmax
As I stated on my previous vendor appreciation award letter to new OEM Parts dealer K&N, The next award would be to a used, aftermarket specialist. The choice was clear.
This award goes to John Furbur's BRMSportmax!
BRMSportmax is a V-Max Parts Supplier of New-Used-Aftermarket parts!
The part time business was started in 1990, out in Colorado, When John decided to Make frame braces. The braces were followed by seats. John had given his brother a seat that he made as a present to him, and its been uphill ever since. BRMSportmax has sold over 3,000 seats and counting to date.
In 1994, John decided that he needed the business to go full time with the amount of business he was gaining. BRMSportmax has sold many products over the years including but not limited to; Torque rod frame braces, seats, RS Max Rear end gear exchanges, Magna Sport Super Chargers, RC Sport Wheels, and Sport Bars (Best bang for the buck according to Furbur for handling and comfort) and SportMount Delrin Motor mounts. Misc other parts are always available, just call and ask! Future items that BRMSportmax plan on introducing include A narrow aftermarket radiator and A SportMax lines of exhaust systems. To me, BRMSportmax deserves this award because he has always been there for his fellow V-Maxers. Anytime someone had trouble, John was there to help. I have heard reports of John taking the $25.00 someone gave to him for helping them and using the money to sign them up to the VMOA or knocking 25.00 off their bill and sending them to join. It is also my understanding that John was the one who started the Ingo Ullrich fund, a fund to collect money for a Ingo, a fellow overseas, who had the only decent V-Max website out there at the time. Apparently this guy blew up his motor and because of family duties could not afford to rebuild. BRMSportmax decided that this man deserved to have a bike and set out to get him one..and with the help of many contributors, did indeed deliver a V-Max to Ingo. There are many stories about John at BRMSportmax and his good gestures. One that comes to my mind is the first time I met him. It was at the first Thunder event in 1998. Paul and I had just recently got the bike and had not gotten a sissy bar for it yet. Paul made mention that we really needed one and would have to order one. John said he had one for sale. We didn't have money on us, but did that matter? Not to John, he didn't know us from beans. He seen how scared I was and just said to pay when he had the money..How's that for a stranger? That was 7 years ago and we've since become great friends since. Is this story unusual? Not at all. I hear stories like this about John all the time. Not to mention that BRMS is the VMOA'S longest running discount dealer offering various discounts over the years to our members. Paul and I think that John played an integral part in boosting the club to what it is today and I am positive many agree! For us, BRMSportmax was the only choice for this first time award. I asked John Furbur what the V.M.O.A meant to him and got the following reply; "I am just a VMAX nut fortunate enough to do what he loves for a living, so the friendships that have developed, (from rallies, road trips, rides, and VMAX dealings), have been the most rewarding part of my VMOA membership. I could not begin to put a value on that. I am proud to call the VMOA my club, and will continue to do my part (as every member can & should) to make it the place for MAXers to be! "

Greatest accomplishment: "While I am very pleased with the success of our products, and proud that they make a difference for so many MAXers, the thing that stands head and shoulders above it all, is the 'Fix'. (I skip the 'Furbur' part...just makes me embarrassed...LOL) When I started working with VMAXs, I saw (at an alarming rate) wrecked MAXs with the telltale signs of headshake (broken/cracked forkbraces & steering stops, warped wheels, bent forks, etc...), and could only guess how many MAXers had been maimed or worse, and/or scared away from the bike we love so much... I see only a tiny fraction of these type wrecks now, and knowing that the 'Fix' has changed things for the better, saved countless MAXers and their families from pain & suffering, and made the MAX a little less scary to ride hard & fast, warms my heart and makes me proud, like nothing else I can think of." We honored BRMSportmax with a plaque at this years Thunder In the Valley! He was very touched by the gesture! Like the Plaque reads "In Appreciation for years of dedication and outstanding discounts to the V-Max Owners Association." Most of us already know this statement to be true! Good Luck John with continued success of BRMSportmax! Venus & Paul VMOA Vendor Liaison

VMOA Vendor Appreciation Award

John "Humble" Furbur receiving Award
The VMAX is a great 'hotrod', but is saddled with a poor reputation for handling. We offer some products to improve this, and increase comfort, in addition to offering performance options (Hindle, Dynojet, Nology, etc.), both new and used VMAX parts, as well as used sportbike parts. We also have a constantly changing inventory of both complete VMAXs, and complete & rebuildable sportbikes in a variety of sizes.

We are also adding Royal Star and Venture Products.
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