Want extra strength and durability,
without having to sacrifice the comfort and reliability of shaftdrive?
SportShafts give added beef, (over 1 1/4", instead of the PUNY 3/4" stock diameter!!!), and strength, (hardened chromoly, for those HARD holeshots and sticky rubber...), to give the confidence you want and need, when playing
ROUGH, or boosting your Venture's power...
Don't snap it SportShaft it!

$220 SportShaft Stock

*US S&H (ground) - $15
We accept ONLY
1. US Postal Money Orders
2. PayPal (credit cards).
***Effective immediately, ALL other forms of payment
will not be accepted, and will be returned to sender.***


Price: $220
SportShaft Stock length




Custom lengths-$10 per extra inch, or any fraction thereof,
(avail. in 1/2" increments up to 6" over stock size).
I stock a few custom lengths; E-mail us for availability.

(this charge is to be ADDED to the S&H when ordering)

For international, multi-item or expidited orders
E-mail us When you receive the S&H qoute you can return to the web-site and go to the
V-Max product Index page and insert the $ amount in the S&H text box and then click the "Buy It Now" button and complete the seperate check out process for the S&H for your order.